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Nutanix Management Pack Disk Used Percentage false positives

July 10, 2016


There is an issue with the Nutanix Hardware pack where there are errors from the Nutanix Hardware HDD Disk Free Space Unit Monitor stating the disk is 100% + full:

The actual free space is 55.53%.


We soon found out this has to do with the notation which in this SCOM environment switches between comma’s and single dots:

When comma’s are displayed this monitors goes red.
The question here is why does it change?

The first step is unsealing the management pack to learn about the script that does the inventory.
PowerShell is used and i found a function that does a conversion for bytes called ConvertBytesToSize.

As I have two management servers in the same resource pool that can do these checks I first test the convertion on both management servers running this:



Output MS1: 6,87860107421875 ß This is wrong from the Nutanix MP perspective!
Output MS2: 6.87860107421875

Gotya! As both management servers can run this script the output changes. Based on that the threshold is met and we het the critical alerts. The check uses a VBS script that starts with setting the locale: SetLocale(“en-us”) So it requires the dot.
Thus an inconsistency on management servers (to be more specific: the account that is used) in combination with this MP causes this issue.


In my opinion this management pack has to be rebuild to support multi language systems instead if only en-us. You cannot expect all clients to use the same locales on their management servers.

A workaround for current MP users is to make sure that the account used which probably is the SDK service account uses these locales.

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