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SCOM Citrix monitoring Comtrade MP’s will be FREE! (*)

April 6, 2016

It might have been me bussy moving to a new new home that i missed this news. Fortunately i got triggered by a post from a well respected SCOM Guru Stefan Roth.

On the Citrix Summit 2016 in las Vegas Citrix anounced that they acquired the ComTrade management packs for Citrix. More on that new on the Comtrade site here. Citrix also published this news on their own site here.

One important line on the Citix page:

The add-on packs for SCOM listed below wil be exclusively available from Citrix, and an entitlement to XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum customers with active Subscription Advantage (SA) or Software Maintenace (SWM) at no extra cost.

Update 7-4-2016: Today Kenneth van Surksum pointed out to me that this only applies to Platinum customers which is something that i didn’t see in the first place. This means you still have to pay for the license if you are not.

Thanks Kenneth!

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  1. Mark Koppers permalink

    Hi Marthijn,

    The Platinum license is an upgrade of the entire Citrix product, unlocking a range of additional features besides access to the SCOM MPs.
    If you’re only interested in the SCOM monitoring aspect and have no real need for these additional features, deploying these MPs will prove to be a pretty expensive exercise.

    Sadly, Comtrade’s MPs were the only game in town if you wanted to monitor your Citrix infrastructure. Hopefully one of the other SCOM partners will jump in to the vacuum by developing a competing set of MPs so that we are not locked into a one-vendor situation for much longer…

    • Hi Mark,

      I agree that the ComTrade management packs can be pretty expensive. I also think customers need to consider the cost they will have when things go wrong because they are not notified in a correct manner about there issues….



  2. Amir permalink

    Do we have any other option available to monitor our Citrix environment, as we do not have platinum license.
    Please advise

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