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Goodbye Good Old Operations Manager 2012 Agent Services

October 21, 2013

The release on System center 2012 R2 last week is a subject that many OpsMgr bloggers are talking about. As i don’t want to stay behind….
I have it running for a couple of days now but did not find any time to play arround with it. As i needed to run the HSLockdown tool again on one of the domain controllers in my lab i found that the agent services are renamed.
In the previous version you would find three services installed by default:

System Center Audit Forwarding
System Center Management
System Center Management APM

In Operations Manager 2012 R2 these are replaced with:

Microsoft Monitoring Agent Audit Forwarding
Microsoft Monitoring Agent
Microsoft Monitoring Agent APM

The default installation folder is also renamed. Where it was %systemroot%\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager\Agent it is now %systemroot%\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent

So what’s new in this agent?

“Microsoft Monitoring Agent is a new agent that replaces the Operations Manager Agent and combines .NET Application Performance Monitoring (APM) in System Center with the full functionality of Visual Studio IntelliTrace Collector for gathering full application profiling traces. Microsoft Monitoring Agent can collect traces on demand or can be left running, which monitors applications and collects traces continuously.

Microsoft Monitoring Agent can be used together with Operations Manager or can be used as a standalone tool for monitoring web applications written with Microsoft .NET Framework. In both cases, the operator can direct the agent to save application traces in an IntelliTrace log format that can be opened in Visual Studio Ultimate. The log contains detailed information about application failures and performance issues.”

This is taken directly from the Microsoft site: What’s New in System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager.

Just so you know….


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