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OpsMgr 2012 – Evaluation period expired, how do i activate?

March 12, 2013

Today i got the question on how to active an already expired OpsMgr 2012 version.
When the 180 day evaluation expires the console won’t start anymore and the Operations Manager Shell will also be useless. This is because the SDK service is not authorizing connections anymore.

“You have exceeded the evaluation period of this product”

Crap, so what now?

I have learned today that there are three options:

Option 1:

  • Update a management server to at least UR2
  • Open a Windows PowerShell Console (with elevated rights) and load OperationsManager Module: import-module OperationsManager
  • Set the license without connecting to SDK: Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId “yourlicensekey“
  • Restart SDK Service

Option 2:

  • Set the date on a management server back to a date where the environment was still funtional
  • Start the Operations Manager Shell and set the license: Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId “yourlicensekey“
  • Restart the SDK service.

Option 3:

Disaster recovery:
More detailed information can be found in this nice blog by Emre Guclu:

And don’t forget to check if you configured the license key:


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