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SCOM 2012 SP1- Sealing a management pack gives error “Could not load management pack Microsoft.SystemCenter.Library”

December 6, 2012

When diving a little bit deeper in Operations Manager there comes a time when one wants to seal a management pack. There can be several reasons but the best reasons are:

  • to enforce version control
  • for enabling the management pack to be referenced by other management packs

More information on sealed MP’s can be found here:

Now when you are done “building” the management pack and it is ready for sealing follow this great post by Jonathan Almquist:

The post is already a few years old but will work fine with Operations Manager 2012. One thing that might be forgotten is to have the all the correct management pack versions (the ones you are referencing) in place.


Recently i found that when installing SP1 for Operations Manager the version the System Center Core library management pack is updated to version 7.0.8430.0. The version in shipped in SP0 is 7.0.8427.0.

So when you copied all the MP files form your SP0 source directory this will leave you with an error when running the MPSeal command:


Now you might wonder what the Microsoft.SystemCenter.Library has to do with the System Center Core library management pack. Well the answer is simple: Microsoft.SystemCenter.Library is the ID for the System Center Core library management pack:


I won’t describe “the dirty way” to have this work with the older MP version, so just download SP1 from here and add this to the MP directory like Jonathan described.


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