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SCOM 2012 – Schedule export unsealed management packs

November 7, 2012

Something to consider when securing your SCOM 2012 environment is exporting the unealed management packs on a regular basis. Somewhere on the web i found a nice powershell script that forms the base of this operation:

import-module operationsmanager

$mps = get-scommanagementpack | where-object {$_.Sealed -eq $false} foreach ($mp in $mps) { export-scommanagementpack -managementpack $mp -path “<localdisk or share>” }

Save this script with a logical name like SCOMBackupUnsealedMP.PS1
Now we have to create a scheduled task to run this script. Start te task scheduler and add a new task. Let the task run under an account that has permissions in operations manager and on the file share:

On the action configure an action that will start a program. In program/script type the complete path to powershell and in Add Agruments configure the full path to the script created earlier:

The schedule can e set to your needs.

When the task runs successfully it will export all unsealed MP’s to XML files on the specified location.


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