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SCOM 2012 – Reports in operations console shows blank panes

October 25, 2012

I ran into a problem in an environment with two management servers. After installing the report servers and restarting the management console the reporting button showed up. This is nice, it works! Unfortunately it only worked on one management servers. On the other server when hitting the reports button the entire left and center pane stayed blank.

I soon found out the difference between the two servers. The problem resided in the proxy settings for IE. The SCOM management server need to be able to resolve the URL for the reporting. If a proxy server is configured but the option “Bypass proxy settings for local addresses” is not checked this problem will be the result. If you don’t want to download management packs directly from Microsoft you have the option not to use a proxy server.


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  1. Patricia permalink


    I´m having the same problem only with the difference that a try to see the reports from a SCOM console installed on my computer, I have report user role created on SCOM and all the necessary permission on reporting web page.

    Any idea

    Best Regards

    • Hi Patricia,

      If you are using a proxy server on your local machine you might want to add the URL for the reporting server to the Exceptions. Explorer -> Internet options -> Tab Connections. Hit the advanced button in the proxy settings and add the URL for the reporting server.

      Hope this helps,


  2. Babu permalink

    I am having the same issue and checked the “Bypass proxy settings for local addresses”. Still Report users including scom admin are unable to see the report, the workspace would show “loading” but no reports would load.

    Using scom action account I can view all the reports.

    Pls help


  3. Thanks It worked! 🙂

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