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Boot From A VHD in Windows 2008 R2 SP1

June 5, 2012

During a training towards the Microsoft cloud certification i needed to boot my test server from a VHD. The VHD was supplied by Microsoft. These are the steps i took:

  1. Copy the VHD to a local disk
  2. Attached the VHD in Disk Manager (make sure it has a drive letter)
  3. Because i have a hardware RAID 0 configured and the VHD does not contain the RAID driver i need to inject these first. I downloaded the latest drivers from the suppliers website and placed them in C:\drivers. Then run the following command to inject them (run the CMD as administrator):
    DISM /Image:<DriveLetter>:\ /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\Drivers /recurse
  4. Now you need to add the VHD to the Boot Configuration Data by running the follwing command also in the raised CMD:bcdboot <driveLetter>:\windows
  5. To make a logical description for the boot menu and to place the VHD as default you need to run this command:bcdedit /set {default} Description Servername
  6. Reboot the machine and let it restart, it will nicely start up your configured VHD.

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