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Export Mailbox Rights

May 24, 2012

Creating a list for effective mailbox rights can be quit a task. To simplify this task you can use the tool

  1. Start the tool and choose “Modify Attributes”
  2. Choose a Domain and a domain controller and press the green button
  3. Select the container in which the account that belongs to the e-mail account resides and choose “Add To List->”
  4. In the right pane select the account and choose next.
  5. On the next screen select the tab “Mailbox Rights” and check the “Export Mailbox Rights” box:
  6. Now press go. An mbxrights.xml will be exported to the directory where the ADMOdify tool resides

The list is devides into Inherited and NotInherited. Check for any groups. Members in these groups can be extrated by running a DSQUERY:

dsquery group DC=consoto,DC=com -name groupname | dsget group -members > groupname.txt

Combine this list with mbxrights.xml and you are done!


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