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SCOM 2012 RC- BUG! Connected Management Groups

March 2, 2012

The test i want to do today is connecting an existing SCOM 2012 management group to a local management group. I will do the setup in a virtual environment. For this test i prepared the following:

  1. Two subnets. (10.0.0.X/24 and 10.0.2.X/24)
  2. A Router. (A Windows 2008 R2 Server with one adapter in each network and a configured Network Poliy and Access Services)
  3. Two domains. (RHEENEN.local and CUSTOMER.local)
  4. Two SCOM 2012 Management groups (RHEENEN and CUSTOMER)
  5. Certificate Authority (AD Integrated)
  6. DNS secondary zones for name resolution

Important things to keep in mind when you want to connect a Management Group:

  1. The local and connected management group have to be the same build.
  2. Communication over ports TCP 5723 and TCP 5724 must be possible.

Creating accounts

First i create an account in the domain where the connected management group wil be on. I created mvanrheenen as a user and made it a member of the OMAdmins security group i created. This group is member of the local administrators group on the management server and is has the Administrator role on SCOM.

Connecting the Management Group

Open the SCOM 2012 console on the local site. Go to AdministrationConnected Management Groups right click and select Add Management Group:

Now provide the credentials for the account you have just created:

When you click ok a warning will pop-up that the account cannot be verified.

 Click Yes, the account filled in does not exist on this domain so the information provided in the pop-up makes sense.

You should now have a the management group connected:

Yeah nice! But now what?

Off course we would like to see some information on the connected management group. Go to Administration Active Alerts and click Show Connected Alerts:

You will be prompted to provide the credentials for the connected management group.

Unfortunately this option is not working properly. I have posted a question on Technet and quickly got a response from John Joyner that also had this same problem and reported it to the SC 2012 OM Devellopment team. A fix for this will be provided.

Here is the post:


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