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Nutanix Management Pack Disk Used Percentage false positives


There is an issue with the Nutanix Hardware pack where there are errors from the Nutanix Hardware HDD Disk Free Space Unit Monitor stating the disk is 100% + full:

The actual free space is 55.53%.


We soon found out this has to do with the notation which in this SCOM environment switches between comma’s and single dots:

When comma’s are displayed this monitors goes red.
The question here is why does it change?

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SCOM Citrix monitoring Comtrade MP’s will be FREE! (*)

It might have been me bussy moving to a new new home that i missed this news. Fortunately i got triggered by a post from a well respected SCOM Guru Stefan Roth.

On the Citrix Summit 2016 in las Vegas Citrix anounced that they acquired the ComTrade management packs for Citrix. More on that new on the Comtrade site here. Citrix also published this news on their own site here.

One important line on the Citix page:

The add-on packs for SCOM listed below wil be exclusively available from Citrix, and an entitlement to XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum customers with active Subscription Advantage (SA) or Software Maintenace (SWM) at no extra cost.

Update 7-4-2016: Today Kenneth van Surksum pointed out to me that this only applies to Platinum customers which is something that i didn’t see in the first place. This means you still have to pay for the license if you are not.

Thanks Kenneth!

SCOM 2012 & 2016 New List For Network Devices with Extended Monitoring Capability

Microsoft published a list for network devices with extended monitoring capabilities. It has been a while sinds this was updated so it is more then welcome.
The list can be downloaded here:

Thank you Kevin Greene for pointing this out!

Free OMS e-book (Preview release)

An e-book for OMS has been published last week.
The e-book is written by Microsoft MVPs Tao Yang, Stanislav Zhelyazkov and Pete Zerger, along with Anders Bengtsson.

You can download the e-book here:


SquaredUp v2.3 Released

New features:

  • Totally revamped performance graphs, including coloured lines, optional keys and easy resizing;
  • Brand new alert section, featuring improved filters, customizable columns and multi-select;
  • Streamlined approach to making anonymous read-only dashboards: Open Access

The open access dashboard option for me is the one i have been waiting for. This option eliminates the requirement for setting up an anonymous instance on a seperate webserver.


For an overview on all the release notes please visit the website:


Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager Available

The Operations Manager Team keeps improving….

Issues that are fixed in this update rollup:

  • Slow load of alert view when it is opened by an operator
    Sometimes when the operators change between alert views, the views take up to two minutes to load. After this update rollup is installed, the reported performance issue is eradicated. The Alert View Load for the Operator role is now almost same as that for the Admin role user.
  • SCOMpercentageCPUTimeCounter.vbs causes enterprise wide performance issue
    Health Service encountered slow performance every five to six (5-6) minutes in a cyclical manner. This update rollup resolves this issue.
  • System Center Operations Manager Event ID 33333 Message: The statement has been terminated.
    This change filters out “statement has been terminated” warnings that SQL Server throws. These warning messages cannot be acted on. Therefore, they are removed.
  • System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager: Report event 21404 occurs with error ‘0x80070057’ after Update Rollup 3 or Update Rollup 4 is applied.
    In Update Rollup 3, a design change was made in the agent code that regressed and caused SCOM agent to report error ‘0x80070057’ and MonitoringHost.exe to stop responding/crash in some scenarios. This update rollup rolls back that UR3 change.
  • SDK service crashes because of Callback exceptions from event handlers being NULL
    In a connected management group environment in certain race condition scenarios, the SDK of the local management group crashes if there are issues during the connection to the different management groups. After this update rollup is installed, the SDK of the local management group should no longer crash.
  • Run As Account(s) Expiring Soon — Alert does not raise early enough
    The 14-day warning for the RunAs account expiration was not visible in the SCOM console. Customers received only an Error event in the console three days before the account expiration. After this update rollup is installed, customers will receive a warning in their SCOM console 14 days before the RunAs account expiration, and receive an Error event three (3) days before the RunAs account expiration.
  • Network Device Certification
    As part of Network device certification, we have certified the following additional devices in Operations Manager to make extended monitoring available for them:•Cisco ASA5515

    • Cisco ASA5525
    • Cisco ASA5545
    • Cisco IPS 4345
    • Cisco Nexus 3172PQ
    • Cisco ASA5515-IPS
    • Cisco ASA5545-IPS
    • F5 Networks BIG-IP 2000
    • Dell S4048
    • Dell S3048
    • Cisco ASA5515sc
    • Cisco ASA5545sc

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New Release MP Author and MP Studio (v6.3)

MP Author is still a great tool for authoring management packs.
With each new version functionalities are added which makes this tool very valuable and should be in every SCOM admins toolbox.

New in this version:

  • References can now be added, deleted and have aliases renamed;
  • Hosted targets are now supported;
  • Sealed MP’s now are shown with a lock icon on the tab; modified files have a * in the tab;
  • Custom filter dialogue in grids has been fixed;
  • Adding custom columns to grids has been fixed;
  • Views created by the script rules wizard are now visible by default;
  • Numerous other fixes and performance enhancements.

You can download the latest version here.

Yes, you still need to register, but I guarantee you won’t regret. J

Happy authoring!


Veeam v8 – Several dashboards not showing, but the Enterprise Plus license is installed

Some days ago I ran into an issue when I did an upgrade for the Veeam management pack for VMware from version 7 to version 8.
The upgrade on the Management server and collector server went smoothly.

Unfortunately, the thing I was looking forward to most, wasn’t working. I am talking about the Morning Coffee dashboard.

When looking in the Veeam UI I can see the license is Enterprise Plus:

Flushing the Health Service on the management servers fixed this problem.

Looks awesome!

Is the Page Life Expectancy monitor bugging you? Go consecutive!

I think it was SQL management pack version where the Page Life Expectancy monitor was introduced. The monitor was very evident because it generated quite some alerts in the OpsMgr environments i build/manage.
I need it to be clear that i am not stating the monitor is buggy, because it isn’t.

** Update – In the latest SQL managament pack this monitor is consecutive by default and this post has become obsolete. It is still usefull as example for making a consecutive monitor.

What is SQL Page Life Expectancy (PLE)?

Page Life Expectancy is the number of seconds a page will stay in the buffer pool without references. In simple words, if your page stays longer in the buffer pool (area of the memory cache) your PLE is higher, leading to higher performance as every time request comes there are chances it may find its data in the cache itself instead of going to hard drive to read the data.

An older recommendation for PLE by Microsoft was that it should never be under 300 seconds. This post is not about arguing or discussing this value although i did found a good blog on this subject here:

What does the PLE monitor do?

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Global Service Monitor Failing Configuration

Just a quick post about a failing GSM configuration.
I had two management servers on a customer site running Server 2012 R2. When configuring GSM as described here:

I recieved an error while authenticating. “Message: Could not get a token for Subscription Service. Authentication failed for provided Subscription Id and Shared Access Key. AppFabric ACS Uri: ‘’.”

This is caused by incorrect or missing root certificates.
This issue can be solved by installing KB931125 on the management servers. The update can be found here:

This updates add quite some certificates in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

When you restart the HealtService and start the configuration again the issue should be fixed.